What is a Collaborative Divorce?

collaborationIf you are in the middle of a divorce or about to go through one, you are probably stressed. You want to have the best outcome for your family and yourself. However, this is often easier said than done. In order to achieve something that everyone is happy with, especially the children, it is best to aim for a collaborative divorce whenever possible.

Here is what you need to know:

What is a Collaborative Divorce? 

A collaborative divorce is different than a typical divorce. Instead of being stressed and fighting all the time with your spouse, you can enjoy a more calm process. It gets everyone working together to find the best solution for all sides. It involves mediators in the form of professional attorneys who have experience in this area and can help you through this difficult time.

Who Benefits? 

When you have a collaborative divorce with an attorney that acts as a mediator, everyone benefits. This includes the children, both spouses, and other family members. This is because it takes the pressure off of the people involved. Instead, it puts the focus on the problem so it can be resolved.

How Can a Lawyer Mediate for You? 

If you are going through a divorce, you should use a divorce lawyer in Corpus Christi. The Law Office of Steve Lopez, PLLC can help you connect with a Corpus Christi TX divorce lawyer that has experience and understands your needs. They can act as a mediator to ensure that all parties have their demands met. In addition, they can take on the task of dealing with legal paperwork. Often times, you are too stressed or busy to understand the fine details of the court’s requests and could leave out information that helps your side of the case.

Going through a divorce is never easy. There are many conflicts that can arise at any moment. Tensions may be running high and you might agree to something that you don’t mean in the heat of the moment, such as custody of your kids. To avoid mistakes or stress during the divorce process, use The Law Office of Steve Lopez, LLP, the best Corpus Christi TX divorce attorney.












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